Exit Lites

LimeLite Technologies’, Inc. proprietary Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) DirectVu™ lamp uses a continuous layer of millions of microscopic light emitting crystals. The LEC lighting technology is proven to provide all around superior performance.

LimeLite Technologies’ Exit Lite’s superior readability is due to the DirectVu™ lamp. Other lighting technologies, such as LED, rely on redirected light to provide uniform illumination which diminishes quickly causing unbalanced light output. This results in an unreadable and unsafe exit sign. LimeLite Technologies’ Exit Lights retain even illumination and are proven through third-party testing to be the safest and most efficient signs available.

Slim Profile, Superior Style
– Slim, attractive design is less than 3/8” thick
– The lamp is less than 1/2 the thickness of a credit card

The New Standard for Energy Efficiency
– Uses approx. $0.18 of electricity per year
– 0.18 Watt AC energy draw
– Up to 15 times more efficient than LED exit signs
– Works towards your building’s LEED certification

Code & Standards Conformity
– Meets or exceeds UL 924 & NFPA 101 Life Safety Code

Maintenance Free
– Remains code compliant for 3 to 10 times longer than a LED exit sign.
– Solid state reliability
– Lamp guaranteed not to catastrophically fail

Installs in Minutes
– Quick-change mountings
– Available for virtually any mounting configuration

Industry Leading Visibility
– Superior luminance in clear air and smoke
– Lamp tuned for optimal visibility
– Non-glare, DirectVu™ light source
– Available green light which is never mistaken as fire source

Unsurpassed Illumination Uniformity
– Uniformity is maintained throughout the life of the exit sign by millions of microscopic light emitting crystals being viewed directly. Known as DirectVu™ lamp technology.

– 120/277 VAC
– Built-in voltage surge protection

Emergency Battery Power
– Operates excess of 2 hours
– NiMH battery pack
– Battery pack designed for easy replacement

The New Standard in Safety Lighting

Safety Lighting has come a long way in terms of Power Consumption, Lifespan, and overall cost to operate and maintain.

LimeLite is proud to lead the way for the future of Safety Lighting with our ultra efficient LEC building safety lighting products.

safety lighting
   safety lighting  safety lighting
Lighting Type (LEC) (LED) Fluorescent
Watts/Sign .18 – 1.2 1 – 3.8 15 – 20
Average Life 5 – 10 years 1 – 3.5 years 8 – 12 months
Yearly Electrical Cost $0.18 – $1.20 $2.50 $15.33
Carbon Footprint 87 lbs 234 lbs 1,314 lbs

LimeLite Safety Certified Lights