Helios™ Adaptive Controller

LimeLite Technologies’ patented Helios™ control board allows applications using LEC lamps to realize performance levels other lighting technologies cannot achieve.

LimeLite’s Helios™ controller can more than double the useful life of an LEC lighting product by continuously monitoring & adjusting the exit sign’s lamp brightness to a luminescence above code compliance. Building Safety products, such as Exit Signs and Security Lighting, powered by Helios™ will maintain a useful life (or Code Compliant life) significantly longer than any competitive product.

Low energy consumption, increased lamp dependability and quality of light are enhanced while total product costs are significantly lowered.

On average, compared to competitors LimeLite’s Adaptive Controller provides:

  • 3x more energy efficient than the average LED
  • 3 to 10x longer code compliance lifetime than LED
  • 2 to 20x better visibility in smoky conditions
  • 2.14 to 5x lower cost of ownership
LimeLite Safety Lighting can be seen during an emergency
LimeLite Safety Lighting can be seen during an emergency

LimeLite Warranty

On average, LimeLite’s LEC Lamps have a 3 – 10x longer Code Compliance lifetime than LED.

LimeLite is the only safety lighting company that offers a Code Compliance Warranty

> LimeLite Limited Warranty Document (pdf)

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  • Standard LEC
  • LEC w/Helios

LimeLite Helios Lights

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