LimeLite’s patented luminescent NightLite is proven to enhance one’s dark-adapted vision.

It is designed to provide the highest level of safety and comfort for a home’s occupants.

LimeLite nightlights are currently being used by millions of people to assist in maneuvering with confidence in their homes at night.

safety lighting

safety lighting

There are benefits provided by LimeLite NightLites beyond extreme safety.
Our Light Emitting Capacitors are the most energy efficient form of lighting.

The LimeLite NightLite operating 24 hours a day – seven days a week – uses LESS than $0.03 of electricity PER YEAR! It more than pays for itself with the money you’ll save in electricity and by saving electricity, you’re helping to conserve our resources.

LimeLite Technologies is proud that our patented LimeLite NightLite is the only nightlight awarded a Blue Ribbon for Product Innovation for Consumer Safety by the Home Safety Council, Washington DC.

“LimeLite Technologies has bridged the gap between a safe product and low-cost, energy-efficient, safe passage lighting. These night lights virtually eliminate the causes of more then 95% of all nightlight incidents reported, such as fires, electrical shock and falls due to poor visibility.”

– Home Safety Council (HSC), Washington DC

LimeLite Safety Certified Lights