Add a SideLite without sacrificing your existing single outlet!

SideLite LEC Night Light. You’re not losing an outlet, you’re gaining a LIMELITE. Our patented night light is built right into the face plate and easily connects to any existing receptacle or switch. Best of all, the SideLite simply replaces your current face plate.

NOTE: May be used in multiple pole applications.

Wall Hugging Design

The slim design of the LimeLite SideLite is built right into the wall plate. It connects to a switch or receptacle in a single outlet, giving it the illusion of a dual outlet.

Hospitality Enhancer

The LimeLite SideLite is perfect for Hotels and Hospitals, or any place requiring overnight stays in unfamiliar surroundings. It’s also great for path lighting.

Hazard Free

The LimeLite SideLite uses a space age lighting material that is completely cool to the touch, so there’s no danger of burned fingers when curious little hands go exploring. No bulbs means no chance of glass breaking or exploding.

Sleep Friendly

The LimeLite SideLite emits a soothing green glow, allowing excellent nighttime visibility without disturbing sleep.

LimeLite Light Installation

No Modification

LimeLite SideLites are a permanent solution that requires
no modification of your existing outlet

safety lighting

Energy Efficient

The LimeLite SideLight operating 24 hours a day – seven days a week – uses LESS than $0.03 of electricity PER YEAR! It more than pays for itself with the money you’ll save in electricity and by saving electricity, you’re helping to conserve our natural resources.

LimeLite Safety Certified Lights